Goldman Sachs Conspiracy Relationship maps.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dick Fuld -- His last name says it all. FOLD

Dick Fuld is connected to Lloyd Blankfein through the Robinhood Foundation. Maybe it was there, they conspired to have Dick, "Fold" to Lloyd, and give the pot to the Robinhood Foundation, to embezzle back to Dick. They are also conneted by the Kennedy Foundation and Partnership for New York. Lloyd Blankfein, is also the Director at Cataylst, which appears to be the "execution" company for the conspired market manipulation. Many of these players are connected to Cataylst. Funded by Soros.

Dick Fuld, after, folding Lehman Brothers according to plan, his account at Matrix Advisers would mysteriously triple in size.

Hank Paulson is connected to William McDonough, through the Bilderberg group. McDonough was NY Fed President, during a similar crisis in 1998, when LTCM needed a bailout. McDonough is also connected to Merrill Lynch which is important; as Thain would turn it into a "garbage can" and dump it on Bank of America.

Hank Paulson meets Geithner at the School of Advanced Nitze Studies. Also, noticeable accomplishments include: Head of NYSE, Treasury under BUSH, TARP plan, CEO Goldman Sachs 8 years. And the Republican National Convention 2004, where he, "buttered up" George Bush.

John Thain's part of the conspiracy, as instructed by Goldman Sachs on his departure. 1st "reform" the NYSE to our liking. 2nd, Go "scavenge" what you can out of Merrill, and make sure to dump it on Bank of America. Lastly, sell all the busted pieces to our newest member of the Club; Blackrock. Thain is connected to "FOLD", Mr Dick Fuld through New York Presbyterian Hospital, and Partnership for New York, as many of these players are.

Tim Geithner's chart most notable connection is Laurence Fink which we cover below, and Mark Patterson, his Chief of Staff, directly from Goldman. Besides the usually New York Partnership, Council on Forign Affairs, New York Fed, Robert Rubin of Goldman his mentor, International Monetary Fund, Geithner is also connected to the RAND group and Kissinger. Meets Paulson at the school of Nitez. Geithner's mentor and his apprentice, both Goldman Allumni. Garbage in, Garage out: Tim is probably, just an academic pawn, caught up in it all.

Laurence Fink is the CEO of the notorious Black Rock, which is a chop shop fror almost broken banks. 49% owned by Merrill, 51% owned by Goldman Sachs. He also is a paid advisor to Summers, Geithner, Willaim Dudely, Kindrich Wilson III, Rahm Emanual. Wow what a star cast. Also director of a couple pharm companies.

Edward Liddy is so obvious an insider. Besides being Director of Goldman, while being sent to fix AIG, as CEO and make sure they paid Goldman and the other "in" players. What makes this, even more obvious is his experience is in "insurance." But they send him to fix a "derivative" problem. With 500 employees in the "Financial Products Unit" of AIG, each of them probably knows more than the incoming, fix it guy and CEO, Edward Liddy.

Kinkrich Wilson III, keeps Paulsosn in the loop when, Paulson goes to rob the Treasury. Also, he has a "chop shop" of his own, Anthracite Capital. Of course Laurence Fink will be running this shop, for him in addition to the "chop shop" Blackrock.

Steve Friedman. Director of Goldman Sachs. Head of New York Fed, Council Foreign Relations. He likes to embezzle his share directly into MMC Capital. Recently caught up in a scandal of owning Goldman stock while being head of the NY Fed.

Lawerence Summers most notable contact: Bilderberg. Obama's current Economic Advisor, Lawerence likes to clean his cash through Tatonic Capital Advisers. Mr. Fink keeps Mr. Summers informed of the "chop shop" operation up the street, better known as "BlackRock." Robert Rubin and Summers are life long friends. The "academic duo" to hide the conspiracy behind

Joe Cassano, the man behind the $ 500 billion fraud at AIG, Financial Products Unit. Looks like his chart is a dead end. Not surprising, because this is the first place we conspriacists would look. On to the man before him. Maurice Greenberg.

Maurice Greenberg, CEO of AIG. The President and VP positions occupied by his sons. Helps keep the operation quiet. Greenberg would be invited into the conspiracy through the, Council on Foreign Affairs, where most of these scumbags would meet up. The National September 11th Memorial & Museum at the World Trade Center is highly suspect, because Maurice is involved in all kinds of scandalous real estate deals and insurance dealings around the the World Trade Center.

James Dimon, CEO of J.P. Morgan. Also connected to Cataylst and Partnership for New York.

George Soros yet another Bildberberg attendee. Wow, and the investor behind Catalyst!